Heal self abandonment, embody your highest identity, align with desirable outcomes,
in 7 weeks✨

I know it doesn’t feel good. I know it sux to be here—possibly again—having done so much healing work only to have the same devastating experience,

Left feeling stranded,
not chosen
and unvalued

The Good News Is

you are not heartbroken because there is something inherently wrong with you, or undeserving about you. Unworthiness nor unfairness broke your heart—you can have the desires of your heart.

You find yourself heartbroken—possibly again—because you are not living in alignment with your desired outcomes:

and in Action

The Heartbreak Didn’t Begin With This Person

Heal Into Alignment is not a moment to overly intellectualize and process your heartbreak, it is a time to finally deal with your pasts manifestation in the present and creatively, mindfully and spiritually, recon with your patterns and finally transform,

using your Body, Mind and Soul

And this process can only begin with a deep conviction,
that you can do
exactly this

Does This Sound Familiar?:
If I don’t self abandon in relationships, I will be abandoned
My partnerships are always good in the beginning, but things quickly take a turn for the worst
I am constantly left heartbroken and feeling rejected
I have been ‘doing the work’ but continue having the same experiences
Why can’t I get over them?
I want them back, we had so much possibility
I am desired by many but not the ones that I want
I’m tired of feeling stranded and deserted at a relationships end

Many struggle to heal from heartbreak,
actually address their patterns
and turn over a new leaf because of their
very common approach 

Many attempt to heal from heartbreak by rummaging in what is, and end up distracting themselves from transformation and further deeply imprint their unconscious patterns into their mind, energy and nervous system that brought them to a place of heartbreak to begin with. 

You can choose to rummage in things as they are or you can become a creator

Rummaging in things as they are—which at this point is devastation—is a waste of your valuable time. But you can easily choose into this because it is safe, familiar and pervasive. You can choose to remain dedicated to a familiar story and embodiment that breeds familiar results. You can rummage in what is, or you can become a creator and actively create the success that you have always wanted and always been worthy of.

Setting yourself on a new path will not happen by accident. You must mindfully choose yourself into a new experience. This is why during Heal Into Alignment I will guide you though the process of:

  1. Outgrowing the vibration 
  2. Dissolving resonance with familiar patterns of dysfunction
  3. Aligning with your desires

What If
‘God’s Perfect Timing’
is You Finding Alignment? 

Believe it or not—when you ask God for things the answer is often YES, but because you are not in alignment to receive, there is no place for your desires to go. You do not have eyes to see, nor energy that resonates on the level of your desire.

Imagine asking your parents to buy you a new bed for your bedroom and they say sure, BUT your bedroom is filled with an overflowing laundry basket, clothes, books and paper are all over the floor so much so that you can not even see your carpet nor open the door for entry AND your old bed is still there. Even if somehow the door was pried open, there would be absolutely nowhere to put a new bed. It would be wise for your parents to wait for you to clean up and get your bedroom in order before buying you another bed, anything else would be a liability to them and they don’t need a new bed. Your disorderly room indicates you are not ready for a new bed despite you asking for one.

You Are Not The Problem—You Are The Solution

You should not wait for the next relationship to give you a new experience, if your nervous system is still a wreck and in survival mode—thus attracting survival like experiences. If you are still telling yourself the same cyclical stories and resonating with the same patterns, you will create the same exact experiences you have been— if your room is still a mess! Because it was never about who you are dating, it has always been about you.

During Heal Into Alignment, you will navigate your heartbreak using effective, creative and spiritually nourishing mindfulness techniques inspired by somatic therapy, body attunement and self-soothing practices so you can easily ease and alchemize your pain and anytime that you need to. Everyone experiences grief differently and Heal Into Alignment won’t rush your unique process. It will however give you the needed tools to alchemize your pain and point your grief in a direction that will serve you instead of stagnate you and point you towards rebirth instead of repeat.

Heartbreak can be the worst thing that ever happened to you, or a powerful vehicle for longterm change in every category. Are you are ready to get intimate with yourself and finally get what you want?

What To Expect:

Heal your nervous system,
Renew your mind,
Align with your desires,
Stand in faith


Once each module is released it is accompanied by an introductionary/guidance email

Heal into Alignment by Honoring + Alchemizing your Emotions 

Big emotions at the end of a heartbreak are the perfect opportunity to reparent yourself into emotional regulation, alchemize your pain on a body mind and soul level by divinely honoring your experience using mindfulness practices inspired by somatic therapy and self-attunement. Instead of going no contact, learn how to turn towards yourself. This session is our first step towards creatively and spiritually healing self abandonment. 

One Video

Heal Into Alignment by Renewing Your Mind Part One

At a heartbreaks end your thoughts are an echo chamber and confirmation bias, solidifying old stories that ultimately brought you to this heartbreak. During this session you will find alignment by renewing your mind using mindfulness practices that with implementation will deeply renew your conscious and subconscious mind. you will creatively address and alchemize unwanted memories/imaginations in a self-empowering way that aligns us with your desires. We will continue to lean into relationship with self and self-respect

One Video

Heal Into Alignment by Renewing Your Mind Part Two

Learn powerful techniques to tap into grief + forgiveness to complete the mind renewal process and open yourself up to abundance.

One Video

Heal Into Alignment by Divinely Communicating With Self, God + Others

The stories that you internalize about self, God and others determine your outcomes. During this session you will learn effective approaches to communication that prioritize personal empowerment, accountability and intimacy. Also, learn mindfulness techniques to deepen your alignment with desired outcomes through communication.

One Video

Heal Into Alignment through faith 

To live in alignment is to walk in faith. Learn the science of faith, effective ways to tangibly live in faith and create receptivity towards your desires and what might be mentally, spiritually and energetically blocking you from your desired outcomes. During this session you will learn more mindfulness techniques that will allow you to live in alignment even after the duration of this course. Finding alignment not only heals a broken heart, you are making an entire lifestyle change.

One Video


Empowering + Supportive + Educational

Before taking Heal Into Alignment I was spiraling after I got my heartbroken, I felt so trapped in my heartbreak. I was in talk therapy for years and with Heal Into Alignment I finally changed my own life and on the deep level I have been looking for, down to my body. It was the perfect amount of momentum, applicable wisdom + spirituality to shift me into a completely different direction and the game changer is that I have a tool box to continue changing my life, taking care of myself and aligning with what i want, even after the course is over. It was liberating and life changing.

~ ComeHIAL Student

**7 Day refund Policy: If for any reason you do not find value in this course, I will return 100% of your investment to you, between day 1-7 of purchase, please email healintoalignment@gmail.com

**The first course module is available immediately, each subsequent module becomes available every 5 days. You have an additional 2 weeks to sit with the modules of your choice as needed. The material is meant to be deeply explored and integrated, not rushed through