Believing your affirmations is an act of faith

Changing your identity is an act of faith. If you do not find affirmations effective it is likely because you do not use them, in faith.

In this way, your experiences are an extension of your identity and your faith. So, having faith and having identity are the substance of your life.

From familiarity to faith is a transformative E-Book, by applying these tools and principals you will effectively change your identity and align your identity with your desired outcomes, in faith. 

From Familiarity to Faith, explains:

  • The science of living out a tangible faith
  • What hinders you from creating your desired outcomes in the unknown and how to overcome that obstacle
  • Effective affirmation techniques
  • 177 affirmations in the categories of Relationships, Money, Aspirations, Hardships and more

This book is for you if:

  • You struggle to be productive while in solitude and spiral in doom
  • You are recovering from heartbreak and want to align a new identity with new experiences
  • Want to know your true worth and value with clarity