If you are unsatisfied with your life’s outcomes

then familiarity is not your friend! You must step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown and create what you do want—there. You’ll never be able to do this, without faith. 

A life without faith is a life plagued by hopelessness, spiraling in fear and negative expectations. A life with faith is satisfying, sustainable and purpose filled. It is one that grows you into the embodiment of what you desire—which is the real achievement—but going on to naturally attract your desired outcomes and sustain them is a great added bonus.

Affirmations are the declarations used to create, contextualize and solidify a new and favorable normal. 

From Familiarity to Faith, explains:

  • The science of living out a tangible faith
  • What hinders you from creating your desired outcomes in the unknown and how to overcome that obstacle
  • Effective affirmation techniques
  • 177 affirmations in the categories of Relationships, Money, Aspirations, Hardships and more

This book is for you if:

  • You struggle to be productive while in solitude and spiral in doom
  • You are recovering from heartbreak and want to create new desirable experiences
  • Want to know your true worth and value with clarity